United Blood Service donation centers in both Casper and Cheyenne are currently requesting blood donations.

According to UBS spokesperson, Carrie Rigney, winter time is a hard time for Blood Donations, but this year in particular has been especially difficult.

"Due to the severe weather, we've had to cancel more than fifteen blood drives," says Rigney.  "Even when we do have a blood drive that actually goes off, the rural communities just can't get to town to donate."

Wednesday, both Kelly Walsh and Natrona County High Schools, in Casper, were participating in blood drives.  Rigney says that the school that "saves the most lives" will be awarded a traveling trophy at this weekend's Peach Basket cross-town basketball game.

Both donation Centers in Casper and Cheyenne are in search of all blood types, with the exception of AB types.

Rigney says it's always best to make an appointment but walk-ins are always welcome too.

Casper United Blood Services Donation Center
2801 East 2nd Street
(307) 237-2328.

Cheyenne United Blood Services Donation Center
112 E. 8th Ave
(307) 638-3326


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