Pinedale resident, Sharon Boender Rauenzahn, was surprised to turn around in her home to find a buck staring at her in the front doorway. Oddly enough, this is not the first time this has happened.

Two years ago, Sharon took this photo of a young deer that had wandered through the open door of her home. (Note: The cat was not allowed in.)

Young Deer In Pinedale Home
Courtesy: Sharon Boender Rauenzahn

It cannot be determined that this is the same deer that visited the home again, but it is quite the coincidence. It very well could be that the buck just wanted to pop back in and say hello and show off how much it had grown. According to Sharon, "Don't leave your door open in Pinedale, because you never know what's lurking behind you."

See all photos of the encounter here:

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