The tube slide at Washington Park has been temporarily closed by the City of Laramie due to safety concerns.

The slide, located on the east side of the 5 to 12-year-old playground, currently has damage on the panel on the top side of the slide.

“It no longer meets the national standards for playground safety,” says Parks Manager David Schott. “And it’s got some sharp edges, protrusions, and can have possible entanglement issues.”

Schott says a playground supplier has already been contacted for the part, and the closure is not expected to be long lasting. He estimates that the slide will be closed anywhere from one to two weeks depending on when they receive the panel.

Schott says the slide has been secured with plywood and has caution tape around it. Even though the slide is blocked, he encourages parents to supervise their children while at the park to ensure they are not going around barriers.

Schott notes that while there are no other tube slides in Washington Park, the park does have other slides available. Also, tube slides are available in other parks in Laramie.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Parks Manager David Schott at 307-721-5264.

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