The director for Wyoming's Trump for President campaign still supports him despite his comments on a video talking about sexually assaulting a woman.

Bonnie Foster oversees 64 volunteers of the statewide Trump campaign and said Trump was wrong to say what he did, but he's still the best candidate.

"On the other side of it, he has apologized and at the end of the day he is still the candidate that I am supporting and I am working for because I believe that as a businessman and a candidate he is the best person for the job," Foster said.

Other top Wyoming Republicans continue to express their support for Trump, too.

The incident occurred in 2005 on a bus with the television program Access Hollywood in which a microphone on Trump records him talking about women in lewd terms.

Trump specifically refers to one woman, saying he "moved on her like a bitch, and she was married." He also talks about kissing and grabbing women by the genitals because celebrities like him can get away with it.

In Wyoming, state law regards that behavior as third-degree sexual assault, which is punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment.

Foster said Trump has apologized and he asked for forgiveness, and everybody should move on.

"We all have said or done some things we wish we could have zipped and taken back. And I'm sure he's really regretting that he opened his mouth and said that."

Three weeks ago, Foster and the Natrona County Republican Party condemned the comments of  Rep. Gerald Gay, House District 36, about working women.

“While the Natrona County Republican Party respects Representative Gay’s right to state his beliefs, we do not condone and cannot support his recent statements on the gender wage gap in Wyoming,” according to a statement from the party’s’ executive committee and released by Bonnie Foster.

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