While everyone's social distancing this weekend, several people are looking for things to pass the time. One of those might be shopping. Of course, Amazon seems to be the go-to for many, and if you're looking for something that shows off your state pride, here's what you might find.

For any state, you might get a crazy arrangement of touristy products as a result when you type the state name in the search. However, for Wyoming, it wasn't that much of a surprise as to what the results would show. These were the first five results that you'll find if you search for Wyoming on Amazon:


  • Wyoming Backroads

    This paperback includes in the title 'An Off-Highway Guide to Wyoming's Best Backcountry Drives, 4WD Routes, and ATV Trails. The book is 448 pages of statewide guidebook to help find beautiful landscapes, natural features, recreation areas, historical sites, and an abundance of wildlife throughout the state. It sells for $19.95

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    Wyoming Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board

    The ' Totally Bamboo A Slice of Life Wyoming Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board' has an extremely long name, but it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The serving and cutting board features the state of Wyoming mapped out, showing features of various locations across the state. Everyone needs a serving/cutting board so it's great for yourself, or a gift of some occasion, whether it's for housewarming, Mother's Day, or Christmas. It currently sells for $14.99

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    Vintage Wyoming Flag T-Shirt

    From Ann Arbor T-Shirt Co., the 'Vintage Wyoming Flag Crest and Buffalo WY State Pride Men or Women T-Shirt' shows off your state pride while also having Unisex Modern Fit-Sizing. They recommend going one size larger if you're on the fence. It sells for $14.95 and includes sizes from Medium to 3X.

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    by JP Gritton

    The 233 page story follow a man down on his luck while on a mission to find a way home and also himself along the journey. The novel was also a Kirkus Best Fiction of 2019 pick. It's available on Kindle for $8.61 and Paperback for $12.22. Social distancing is definitely a great time to pick up a good novel.

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    Wyoming Road & Recreation Atlas

    While it might not be the best time to do some traveling throughout the state, if you're someone who needs to know where they're going, and what terrain will be surrounding your trek, this is the perfect item. It'll also give you a great idea of where the deer and antelope are out and about as well. The 3rd edition Atlas sells for just $20