Despite what appears to be a rocky road ahead for Wyoming, Representative Mary Throne says, "I am running again to stand by my state and to give 100 percent to support her through the tough times."

The Cheyenne Democrat is seeking her sixth term representing House District 11.

Throne says she remains fundamentally optimistic about Wyoming's future, despite the recent bleak headlines.

"If we seize control of our own destiny and make smart decisions, Wyoming will emerge from the downturn stronger," said Throne.

"Building strong communities and continued investment in our state are essential to bringing new businesses to our state," Throne added. "We cannot continue to cut and spend irrationally, putting projects ahead of people, as we have for the last two years."

Throne says the state's ongoing failure to expand Medicaid is an example of "politics trumping Wyoming common sense."

"This decision alone has increased state spending, when we cannot afford it, has cost Wyoming hundreds of millions of our federal taxpayer dollars and has denied healthcare to thousands of Wyoming's hardworking citizens," said Throne.

Throne and Laramie County Republican Party Chairman Jared Olsen are the only candidates who have announced for the seat so far.

Donn Bruns, Lifestyle Photography
Donn Bruns, Lifestyle Photography

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