Tattoos are some of the greatest forms of self expression on the planet. It's no wonder they seem to get more and more popular (and widely excepted, even the workplace), every year.

This particular piece is the beginning of bull riding themed sleeve for a Wyoming resident, which was done by Mike Beecher at Obsidian Tattoo in Gillette.

The gentleman that got the tattoo done, wishes to remain anonymous, but he did offer us a little backstory on the piece and it's meaning to him:

I’ve been rodeoing since 1992 and turned professional in 2000. I had a constant traveling partner for many years until his untimely death in 2017. We always pushed each other in every aspect of life especially bull riding. I left rodeo when he passed and started coaching instead but I will never forget my friend. This is not a memorial tattoo but when I look at it I do see my rodeo partner, myself, my kids(they ride now). I sought out and researched many artists for what I had in mind. Which brought me to Mike Beecher. Being a Wyoming guy made it that much better. We conversed for nearly a year on a theme. When he showed me his design I was just astonished. It was perfect. This tattoo speaks for itself about his ability and his shops dedication to great art.

That's a truly awesome story. As a person with numerous tattoos myself, I've always felt that each one is made even more awesome by the meaning behind it. It's not just the artwork, which in this case top notch, but the emotion it brings to the owner.

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