In Stone Fossils is a Kemmerer, Wyoming fossil shop that has been using social media to help spread the word about its amazing fossils.

They now have 10 of thousands of followers on both TikTok and Instagram, and their numbers are only increasing.

What's so fascinating about fossils?

Those of us in Wyoming may be a bit jaded because we are surrounded by fossils, but to the rest of the world, this connection to the past is awe-inspiring.

Even more so, when you're allowed a behind the scenes look at how fossils are collected and prepared for display.

Here is a look at how fossils are collected.

Those fish fossils are 52 million (yes 52 MILLION) years old.

And this is a look at how the fossils are cleaned and prepared for display.  

I mean how cool was that to watch?

It's amazing to see the multitude of tools they use to safely clean the fossils.

In Stone Fossils is a short trip away, and totally worth a visit.

But, if you don't want to add a road trip into your schedule, you can always keep track of what they're up to by following them on social media.

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