Now, I'm not much of a biologist. When I say that, that means, I'm not a biologist at all. I at least don't play one on Facebook. But given my knowledge for words and having personal Beavis and Butthead moments well into my mid-30s, the name of this very rare Wyoming fish, kind of caught me off guard. Meet the Hornyhead Chub. That's a lot to unpack.

Apparently, a year ago, Wyoming wildlife officials decided to migrate some of these fish from the Laramie River to Sweetwater River in Lander. The migration is an attempt to make sure the population of the Hornyhead Chub continues. The idea is that they'll continue to introduce it across the state.

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According to a video I found on YouTube from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, this is the rarest fish in the state. So, the attempts, again, go along with trying to increase their population. The Horneyhead Chub is a small fish that is somewhere between 4 and 6 inches.

You can check out the video here.

How weird looking is that fish? I'm all about conservation, but, man, that guy is kind of ugly. I hope you're like me, and you just learned a ton about a fish that you had no idea existed and was a rare fish in the state of Wyoming at any rate. I also never thought of the term "game fish" before. So that was fun to learn. Let's hope these guys thrive in their new habitat in Sweetwater River. Hey, maybe next we can introduce some Gar, that'll keep fishermen on their toes!

From Bison to Triceratops - All of Wyoming's Official Things

Every state in our nation has chosen things that represent the state in one way or another to be official state things. Like a flower, or animal. Wyoming is no different.

The Equality State, or the Cowboy State, depending on which state slogan you want to go with, has a state flower. But did you know we also have a state tree and a state fish? Yes, we even have a state code.

To be an official thing, a member of the state legislature must write and submit a bill to the legislature declaring that a thing will be the official state thing. Then the legislature votes to pass the bill, or not, if it passes, the governor signs the bill into law and we have a new official state thing.

Here is what we have so far, all of Wyoming's official things. Now you can win big on Wyo Trivia Night if that's a thing that exists.

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