It's something that every parent has experienced.

A preschooler with a low-grade fever and a tummy ache.

4-year-old Sterling seemed to have a simple stomach virus that was traveling around preschool. Even when her mother took her into a local urgent care clinic, the doctors agreed that it was the same bug that had been going around town and told them to keep pushing fluids.

Skyla, Sterling's mother, took her back to urgent care after she was still unimproved a few days later.

It was at this time that the doctors recommended more tests, and it was discovered that Sterling's Appendix had ruptured more than a week prior.

It was a miracle that Sterling had been able to fight off the resulting infection for so long, and she was rushed into surgery.

You can read all the details of these first few days below.

Glenrock is a small town with a big heart, and it's people are known for helping their own.

From prayers and food, letters, gifts and several fundraisers (including t-shirts reading #SterlingStrong and Teddy Bears sold by her dance teacher)  and a medical fund at Converse County Bank, the people of Glenrock are helping this family in every way they can.

Skyla and her husband created this public Facebook page to keep their family, friends, and community updated on Sterling's condition.

Last we heard Sterling is struggling.

Struggling with pain, with fear and exhaustion and nausea.

Her doctors are hoping that they can get an accurate and updated CT scan so they can learn more about the infection that Sterling is bravely fighting.

A fourth surgery may be attempted today to help remove the infection.

In a post written on Mother's Day Skyla thanked her family that had been helping with Sterling as well as the care of her younger brothers. She said,

Please pray hard guys that we get more answers...I can’t thank y’all enough for the sweet donations and prayers!! You guys have been such a wonderful support.


Skyla Lee Photography
Skyla Lee Photography

 Please, keep this Glenrock family in your thoughts and prayers.

Prayers for Sterling to keep strong and to keep fighting the infection.

For her doctors to be able to see clearly what is keeping Sterling's body from healing, and the wisdom to successfully create a plan that will help Sterling.

Prayers for her brothers to be a comfort to both Sterling and her parents.

Prayers for grace, hope, and strength for Skyla and her husband Dalton, as well as all of their family that is gathered around them.


If you would like to help Sterling would love to receive letters.

They can be mailed to Denver Children's Hospital  Attn: Sterling Smith Rm 643 13123 E 16th Ave Aurora, CO 80045

You can go in person to Converse County Bank and asking for your donation to be placed in the Sterling Smith Medical Fund.
Converse County Bank:
☎️: (307)358-5300
🌎: 322 Walnut St, Douglas Wy 82633
Mailing: PO Box 689

Or you can use this Go Fund Me Account set up by Sterling's parents.


Skyla Lee Photgraphy
Skyla Lee Photgraphy

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