It's not easy being single in Montana, but it sure is pretty. I should probably clarify. There's a new video share showing what a herd of bachelors look like and yes, I'm talking about bull elk.

A hunter shared this video from what he called a late season hunt in Montana. This is a herd of bachelor bull elk. You will not find any ladies in this group.

Here's how he described the hunt in his own words:

This video was filmed while on a late-season hunt in January in Northwest Montana. This is a bull elk bachelor herd.

As soon as I saw him mention "elk bachelor herd", I knew I had to know more. Elk Hunters Guide filled in the blanks in my brain as to why bull elk gather like this. They mention that it's normally more of a summer thing:

Summer will typically find bull elk in the highest country available to them that has good forage, water, and shelter. They will hang together in “bachelor” herds, away from the cows and calves. This is the time of growth, with bulls taking advantage of the rich food supply to put on as much weight as possible.

Interesting. I'm not sure that leaving my wife behind while I go out to pig out on food would go over very well, but it appears to work for bull elk. Either way, it's nature being nature in our backyards of America which is one of the things that makes it so special.

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