Along with the series news that we're all dealing with now, it's nice to have a few "aw" moments to go along with that. This story of an abandoned moose and a dog who have become buddies fits that to a "T".

Check out one of their many encounters that happened recently near a home in Anchorage, Alaska.

Here's part of what the dog's owner shared about this moose/dog relationship on YouTube:

This baby moose was discovered in my backyard, abandoned. My back yard hosts moose often near the woods. This calf will always come to my back door when it sees my puppy barking at it. I let my puppy out to 'go' and sometimes the calf will be near and I wouldn’t realize it until my puppy runs straight to it in the woods and they seem to be 'playing'.

It's almost as if the moose is stopping by the home to see if his dog friend can come out and play. Aw.

It's no secret that dogs and moose do not get along well normally when they cross paths in the back-country. That makes this innocent animal moment all the more special.

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