For some, a king-sized be is not big enough. I can relate a little. My wife and I sleep on a king-sized mattress. Then when our two cats and two dogs pile on top, there isn't much room. This is the main reason why I tell my wife we can't have more pets. There isn't any room. Now I find a company out of Canada that makes lager mattresses. Most have heard of a Californa King. Now there is an even larger bed, the Wyoming King.

A company out of Canada, Sleep Boutique, makes what are sometimes called 'Family Beds" which are larger than the standard king. For the past ten years, Sleep Boutique has found a niche for those who what a bigger and better bed.

The Wyoming King mattress is a 7x7 foot square. That is an additional 8 inches wider than a boring-old-normal king. If that still isn't enough room, there is the Alaska King which is a whopping 9x9 foot square.

Thankfully for myself, our bedroom wouldn't be able to fit these oversized mattresses. So if my wife is reading this, we still can't have another dog.