Cavalryman Steakhouse announced today that the restaurant will close as part of its ongoing renovation on Sunday, March 9. This phase of the renovation will include a kitchen makeover and dining area floor refinishing, as well as initial installation of a series of historical displays highlighting photos and mementos of the restaurant.

"We have been working for a year to reach this stage," said Ken King, general manager of the restaurant. "We are updating the kitchen so that it can deliver high quality food consistently even during our busiest nights. We're completing installation of full business systems key to providing consistent, high quality service and food at all times. And we're preparing a Wyoming-focused menu that should delight our guests with its local ingredients and changing seasonal and fresh fish features."

The restaurant is concurrently working with award-winning graphic designer David Coleman, a Wyoming native and designer of the new Jonah Field at the University of Wyoming, to craft a brand for the restaurant that accurately reflects the property's history and role in Laramie and Wyoming.

The restaurant will conduct a staged reopening culminating in a public reopening in early April. Interested parties can follow the restaurant's progress on its Facebook page at

About Cavalryman Steakhouse:
Opened in 1970, Cavalryman Steakhouse is Laramie's oldest and most historic restaurant, located in the original Laramie Country Club clubhouse building, which was located south of Laramie from 1925 until 1961.

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