I feel like that's an incredibly bold statement. You have to have one heck of an ice cream recipe to make this claim. The website, Only In Your State decided to double down on that claim and tell the world about this particular Wyoming ice cream.

Now, I'm a pretty big fan of walking around in a Downtown area of a town and walking into an ice cream shop. I think my favorite city to do this in is Nashville Tennessee on South Broadway where all the honk tonks are. That place is worthy of a Home Alone reference when they ask you if you want one scoop, or two. "Two Scoops, Sir? Two, make it three, I'm not driving".

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So, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. What magical Wyoming location is home to this magical ice cream? According to Only In Your State, we'll need to jump in the car and hit up Sweetwater County and Farson Mercantile in Farson, WY.

Yes, apparently Farson Mercantile makes the best and biggest ice cream cones. Take a look at this picture from their Facebook page.

Count em', that's 5 scoops!

I mean, sure, that looks tasty, but what if you can't eat it before it melts!? You won't even get to taste all the flavors, right? Or, maybe I'm underestimating my love of ice cream. Either way, this is the king of ice cream cones in the world, and we have it right here in our state.

If you're down for a road trip, here are the coordinates from Google Maps.

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