I must admit that I never knew this really happened. There is a picture that shows The Three Stooges when they visited Yellowstone National Park back in 1969.

A Reddit user just shared this family photo of The Three Stooges that was taken by their grandpa when they worked as a ranger in the park.

My grandpa worked as a park ranger in Yellowstone, where he took this photo of The Three Stooges when they visited. 1969. from r/OldSchoolCool

Several of the Reddit comments were debating whether this version of the Three Stooges lineup with Joe was comparable to the original threesome that included Curly. I believe that science can prove the original Curly was as good as it gets.

This picture is actually a very valuable part of Three Stooges history. According to their Wikipedia page, Moe, Larry and Curly Joe were visiting various places around America in 1969 planning to film a new show called "Kook's Tour". But, Larry Fine suffered a terrible stroke the following year which ended their plans. This stop in Yellowstone would have been one of their final appearances with Larry.

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