A veterinarian in Texas has been fired after posting a photo on Facebook of her posing with a cat she had apparently killed with a bow and arrow.

Colorado State graduate and reported Wyoming native, Kristen Lindsey lost her job at the Washington Animal Clinic in Brenham, Texas after apparently hunting the animal in her own back yard and shooting it in the head with a bow and arrow because she believed it to be 'feral'. She captioned the photo with:

My first bow kill... lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it's head. Vet of the year award... gladly accepted.

The Washington Animal Clinic staff released a statement on Facebook Friday April, 17th that read:

We are absolutely appalled, shocked, upset, and disgusted by the conduct. We have parted ways with Ms. Lindsey. We do not allow such conduct and we condemn it in the strongest possible manner. Please know that when informed of this we responded swiftly and appropriately and please do not impute this awful conduct to the Washington Animal Clinic or any of its personnel.

Lindsey believed the cat to be feral, but according to a local rescue shelter the cat was a missing domesticated cat named Tiger. This has not yet been confirmed.

A Facebook page named 'Justice for Cat Murdered By Kristen Lindsey' has been started anonymously and currently has over 41,000 likes.

The Austin County Sheriff's Office is investigating the situation. They released a statement Tuesday April 21st reading:

At 7:59 this morning, the Austin County Sheriff has completed the investigation of the Animal Cruelty case first reported to us last Friday. The completed case file has been turned over to the Austin County District Attorney for filing of charges under Texas Penal Code 42.092.

With the completion of the investigation, the Sheriff's Office will not release any further comments or updates to this case. Any comments, questions or information requests must be made directly to the District Attorney's Office.

It is unclear at this time whether or not Lindsey will face criminal charges.

Do you think Lindesy was in right? Do you think she should face criminal charges? Leave a comment below with your thoughts and/or opinions.

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