There's an old saying that the rich get richer. That's true if you're talking about Teton County, Wyoming as their lead as the richest county in America just got bigger.

I saw this story shared by Bloomberg the shows the newly updated rankings of the richest counties. Teton County was already the richest far outpacing New York and several counties in Colorado and California. They list the per capita income of Teton County as now $252,000. That's a lot of dollar bills. Teton is now the only county to have an average income of over a quarter million dollars. No other county is even over $200,000 based on the Bloomberg story.

One of the most Google'd questions about Teton County is why they are so rich. The Washington Post did a story about why millionaires/billionaires choose to live "in the middle of nowhere" as they put it.

The Economic Policy Institute did a deep dive on why some counties like Teton have so many of the rich and famous calling it home. It's pretty simple really. Wyoming has no income tax and it's beautiful near the Tetons. It's also not hard to find privacy in real estate that is off-the-beaten path.

Based on the Bloomberg report, the trend of Teton County getting richer isn't likely to change any time soon.

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