It's that time of the year again. If you're in a relationship, you're going to need to show you care, right? I mean, some don't really care about the greeting card holiday, but some live and die by it. You don't want to be stuck with your hands in your pockets and no date, right? Or, maybe you do. Either way, we have you covered with 10 of Cheyenne's Valentine's Day locations for 2022.

The list below ranges from places to sit down and eat, to entertainment and even Anti-Valentine's Day celebrations. So, whether you're looking to celebrate with that special someone, or shake your fist in agony over an awful ex, we got you.

It's also a strange weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day, but I think, just maybe it's perfect. You can celebrate Valentine's Day on Friday, Saturday, or  Monday and the Super Bowl on Sunday. It's kind of perfect, really. I'm just hoping some hero decides to do both on Sunday. Which, I mean, you can make that your thing as well, get those heart-shaped cookies from the grocery store to have at your Super Bowl party. That's kind of perfect.

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What's also kind of perfect is how these businesses decided to go out of their way to help entertain you for the upcoming holiday, regardless of your relationship status, though, I don't think they ask. I also don't think they care if you go in and spend it alone. You do you, boo. So, let's go ahead now and take a virtual tour of places to spend Valentine's Day in Cheyenne.

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