Wyoming Statehood

July 10 Is Wyoming’s Birthday As A U.S. State
Wyoming celebrates another year of statehood today (July 10). According to the website wyohistory.org, Wyoming's territorial delegate to congress, Joseph M. Carey, had proposed a statehood bill for Wyoming in March of that year. There had been previous such proposals which had gone nowhere in Congress, but this time Carey's proposal gained some traction According to the website, there was some opp
The Most Dishonest Politician in Wyoming History
As Mark Twain once wrote, "politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason." In fact, the state of Wyoming would not exist today if our elected officials weren't completely full of it. On March 26, 1890, Wyoming’s Congressional Delegate Joseph Carey introduced a bill in the House of Representatives that would establish the territory as a state...
American Events in 1890
On July 10th, 125 years ago, Wyoming became a state. But what else was going on in America in the year 1890? You might be surprised at what was happening.
Wyo's Most Significant Artifacts
Wyoming is celebrating 125 years of statehood in 2015! And in conjunction with the celebration, the Wyoming State Historical Society is partnering with the University of Wyoming Libraries to declare Wyoming's most significant artifacts.