Guernsey Reservoir Water Levels To Be Lowered
The United States Bureau of Reclamation operations is going to lower Guernsey below the usable boat ramp levels before Labor Day weekend in order to replace the Guernsey Powerplant intake gate.
Once reduced to a river level, the reservoir will not be refilled until March 2022
Game and Fish Asking Public to Keep Eye Out For Rusty Crayfish
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is asking anglers, crayfish trappers, and other outdoor recreationists are being asked to report any rusty crayfish which are being found in the Laramie River watershed.
Rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) are native to the Ohio River Basin but were discovered in…
City of Laramie Upgrading Water and Roadway
The City of Laramie has announced that it will be upgrading water and roadway infrastructure in the northern portion of the City.
These improvements include replacing three water mains.
Along with this, there will also be roadway improvements include spot repairs of curb & gutter, valley pans,…

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