Researcher to Speak on RNA Vaccines at UW
A National Cancer Institute (NCI) researcher whose work is directly relevant to messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine development is scheduled to present a University of Wyoming seminar Friday, November 12. Jordan Meier, a senior investigator and head of the Epigenetics and Metabolism Section Center for Cancer Research of the NCI, will be presenting “Understanding the Chemistry of Volcanic RNA to Treat Can
Update In COVID-19 Information for ACSD#1
Recently, Superintendent Jubal Yennie has released a letter to families in Albany County School District #1 (ACSD#1) regarding COVID-19 and the Delta Variant. In line with the guidance from the Center for Diseases Control (CDC), Yennie stated that the district will follow the CDC guidelines and be recommending universal indoor masking in all school facilities when school starts on August 26... Rea
Update on COVID-19 Vaccinations and Rapid Vaccine Event
COVID-19 vaccinations within Albany County for individuals within Phases 1a and 1b, priority groups 1-10, are available till the end of the week. A complete list of Phase 1A and 1B priority groups can be found here. Please call (307) 766-8222 to schedule your vaccination appointment unless it has already been scheduled through your place of employment...
Updates on COVID-19 Vaccinations in Albany County
A public service announcement was recently released by Albany County Public Health to provide current information on the status of COVID-19 vaccination efforts in the county. As of March 1, those within Phase 1b, priority groups 7-9 are now able to schedule their vaccination appointment...