UW Researchers Find Attachment For Leaders Beneficial
According to research by a University of Wyoming faculty member and colleagues, positive daily experiences with their families generally help leaders in their efforts to be transformational in the workplace.
But some leaders benefit more from positive family experiences than others...
UW Faculty Aid in Study of Victims of 6,200-Year-Old Massacre
There are many reasons throughout history for why people commit mass murder of there fellow man.
A more recent discovery by a research team, which includes two University of Wyoming faculty members, reveals the oldest documented site of an indiscriminate mass killing 6,200 years ago in what is n…
UW Research Shows Abusive Bosses "Fake Nice"
Research led by a University of Wyoming business management expert shows that abusive bosses may retain their positions by taking steps to repair their social images without acting meaningfully to change their behavior.
Shawn McClean, an assistant professor in UW’s College of Business, joined colleag…
New Study Group App For UW Students
The students at the University of Wyoming have a new opportunity avalible to them this spring with a new group study app.
The CircleIn app will be available beginning Monday, Jan. 25.
The new study app will help students be more productive and more collaborative and will accelerate their learning...
UW Researchers Shows Wildfire Smoke is More Cooling on Climate
A study of biomass burning aerosols led by University of Wyoming researchers has shown that smoke from wildfires has more of a cooling effect on the atmosphere than computer models assume.
The paper, titled “Biomass Burning Aerosols in Most Climate Models Are Too Absorbing,” that was published Januar…

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