Laramie History

Historic Train Engine Coming to Laramie
A historic train engine will be in Laramie on Wednesday, October 10. Union Pacific Steam Locomotive No. 844 is scheduled to arrive at the Laramie Train Depot at 3:45 p.m., and the public is invited to view the historic engine.
Wyoming Territorial Prison Opens New Exhibit [PHOTOS]
While many people are associated with the Wyoming Territorial Prison and their most famous prisoner, Butch Cassidy, the museum has taken a big step to ensure the history of the prison after it housed criminals is not forgotten. The "Science on the Range" exhibit is now open.
Laramie Plains Museum Helps Community Remember the Past
The Laramie Plains Museum will be hosting its annual preservation week between April 22nd-April 28th. The Laramie Plains Museum has multiple events throughout the week that the public can attend. The events are focused around teaching the basics of preserving family heirlooms and documents.
Wyoming Weather Records – Our Top 7
With the unexpectedly warm temperatures this week and this season's lack of snow, Wyoming weather has become the topic of many recent discussions. However, when you compare this season's wacky weather to standing Wyoming weather records, the past few 50 degree days no longer seem strange.…
University of Wyoming’s Oldest Buildings – The Top 5
Ever wonder which building is the oldest on campus? From the names alone, Old Main would be a good guess (and a correct one). However, you might not be able to tell which buildings are the next oldest (at least my roommates, both UW students, couldn’t). So here is the run-down of the oldest b…
ASUW Proposes New Statue for Center of UW Campus
The Nuclear Family Statue (or more formally known as the Russin Family Statue), which occupies the most central location on campus, may be finding a new home this fall. ASUW President Megan Degenfelder and ASUW Vice-President Ty McNamee have proposed replacing the Nuclear Family Statue with a new …

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