Schnitker Sentenced for Murder
Schnitker took a knife from a sheath on the seat of the truck, got out and stabbed Gartman six times. A man who had been inside Gartman's home watching the surveillance feed ran outside to help, but was too late.
Schnitker Charged With Murder
John Michael Schnitker of Laramie has been charged with multiple felonies in the Sept. 26 homicide of Clinton J. Gartman.  The allegations include first degree murder, second degree murder, aggravated burglary, and misdemeanor battery...
Homicide Suspect Identified
Laramie Police have named 29-year-old John Schnitker as a suspect in the death of Clint J. Gartman. Schnitker, a Laramie resident, is currently in custody at the Albany County Detention Center. Schnitker was apprehended on Sunday, Sept. 27,...