UW Proposes Changes Due to Budget Cuts
In order to better serve Wyoming, the recent adjustments in the economy, and respond to the changing landscape of higher education, the University of Wyoming is pursuing a transformation of its academic programs to propel new and ongoing initiatives and to deal with budget cuts.
UW Regulation Changes
The University of Wyoming Board of Trustees will delay making changes to a number of UW regulations until their regular meeting in July
Snow Policy Vote
The Laramie City Council will hold one last public hearing on the potential changes to the city's snow and ice removal policy before having its third and final reading on the ordinance during their meeting Tuesday night.
Non-Consensual Towing Policy
Mayor Andrea Summerville said the city council is reviewing the policy over concerns that the charge for a non-consensual tow was not always fair, with some tow companies on the city’s rotational list for non-consensual tows charging more than others.

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