These are the Best Places to Eat in Laramie
  There are plenty of amazing places to eat within the city of Laramie. In fact, Yelp has put together a top ten list based on their reviews, and all of them sound amazing. Altitude Chophouse & Brewery Founded in 1999, Altitude Chophouse & Brewery offers sophisticated food alongside their award-winning beers They are also committed to giving back to the community that helps them thrive.  B
Taste of Laramie To Take Place This Weekend
With summer finally here, it is another year for everyone to get out and about in the City of Laramie. This weekend will especially exciting, as the Taste of Laramie Event will be taking place on Saturday, June 12! Tim Snowbarger from Laramie Connections and Ryan Bennett from Laramie Sunrise Rotary came to the studio today to talk about the event...
What Did Wyoming Miss More in 2020? Bars or Gyms?
There were lots of things we were all limited from doing due to the pandemic during 2020. A couple of things were going to bars for a drink and going to the gym for a workout. But which one of these things did we miss the most in Wyoming for the past year?

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