Mullen Fire Burn Scar Reflections
Over Labor Day Weekend, I tagged along on a hunting trip in Medicine Bow National Forest. The most fascinating part was that we were in the middle of burn scars from the Mullen Fire in 2020.
Even After the Year That Was 2020, Wyoming is a Very Chill State
When anyone sees the word 2020 written or even utters the year out loud, all anyone can really do as a natural reaction is cringe, at best. If there was ever a year to put extraordinary amounts of stress on anyone, it was last year. So how did it affect Wyoming exactly?
Wyoming Wasn’t That Stressed About 2020
It's difficult for almost anyone to say that 2020 wasn't a stressful year. A recent survey even showed that 72 percent of Americans thought it was the most stressful year they've lived through. However, in comparison to some states, Wyoming wasn't sweating it at all.
UPDATE: Albany County 2020 General Election Results
Latest update at 7:53 AM on November 4.
Results are unofficial until certified later this week. Please keep refreshing the page for updates. 
Election results reported from all Vote Centers.  Absentee ballots are NOW included.
Here are the latest results for Albany County:

President and Vice P…
The Debacle That is 2020 is Getting One Hour Longer This Weekend
2020 has seemed like the longest year ever. In fact, we're pretty sure the last time there was a time change to 'spring forward', that was about 38 years ago in March of 2020. It just seems like it was that long ago. Your getting an extra hour of 2020 this weekend whether you like it …

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