Winter nights in Wyoming can chill you right down to the bone. Luckily, drinkers in the Cowboy State have human anti-freeze. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey was recently named the most popular liquor in Wyoming.

The study compared social media posts from over 700,000 drinkers around the country. Fireball was the top choice in many cold-weather states, including Alaska, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Rhode Island.

Jack Daniel's whiskey is the elixir of choice in the deep south, claiming the top spot in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. JD was also the most popular liquor in the Dakotas and Montana.

Crown Royal whiskey is the most popular liquor in several states, including Kentucky, Nevada, and Oklahoma. Patron tequila took the honors in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Washington. Jameson Irish whiskey won in Pennsylvania, while Jose Cuervo tequila claimed the top spot in Oregon, and Grey Goose vodka was the preferred spirit in Virginia.

Down in Colorado, they like Bacardi Rum. Captain Morgan rum shared the top spot in Idaho, along with Fireball and Jagermeister.

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