We asked you if you have tried Googling your health symptoms online and many of you said yes. A new study says that it would be better if folks would stop trying to diagnose themselves online.

Before I get into the new study about why trying to play doctor on yourself is a bad idea, here are your hilarious responses to our question on Facebook about Googling sickness.

Study Finds just shared a story done by Lets Get Checked which showed 2 out of 5 people have misdiagnosed themselves online. Why is this a problem? Their story says that those who think they have a disease then become seriously worried causing themselves stress over sicknesses they don't even have.

They also mentioned an alarming result of their survey that showed barely half of people that do this even contact a doctor before making decisions.

45% of the people in the survey didn't even know where their thyroid was, so maybe best to leave this medical stuff to the professionals.

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