If you need someone to co-sign a loan, find a friend in Sheridan. According to a new study, Sheridan residents have the highest average credit score in the Cowboy State.

The study ranked 2,572 cities across the country, including five Wyoming towns. The average credit score in Sheridan is 718, in the 71st percentile nationwide. Laramie residents also have good credit, ranking in the 60th percentile with an average score of 704. Cheyenne was slightly above the national average, scoring in the 52nd percentile with a 690.

Three Wyoming towns have an average credit score below the national average. Casper ranked in the 48th percentile with a 683. Gillette finished in the 46th percentile with a score of 680. Rock Springs has the worst credit of the five Wyoming towns in the study. Their 674 average falls in the 39th percentile nationwide.

The best credit in America belongs to The Villages, Florida. The retirement community, north of Orlando, boasts an average credit score of 807, over 250 points higher than Camden, New Jersey, which ranked in 2,572nd place with a 541 average.

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