Pass the potato chips, Cheyenne. Wyoming's Capital City is the laziest town in the Cowboy State, according to a new MSN study.

30.5 percent of adults in Cheyenne are obese, two percent higher than the state average. Only 22.9 percent of Cheyenne residents exercise regularly and 14.6 percent of adults are in poor health. The study also noted that less than 25 percent of Wyoming residents have access to public gyms or places to work out.

Pueblo took the top spot in Colorado with an adult obesity rate of 28 percent. Grand Island is Nebraska's laziest city, where 33.2 of adults are obese. Billings claimed the title in Montana with an adult obesity rate of 27.1 percent. Lewiston, Idaho, Sioux Falls, SD, and St. George, Utah, also made the list. Pine Bluff, Ark., has the highest level of adult obesity in the nation, at 40.1 percent.

Although Cheyenne topped the lazy cities study, we still put in long hours at work. Another recent study ranked the Capital City as the 9th hardest working town in America, with one of the longest average workweeks, one of the highest percentage of workers with more than one job, and one of the lowest percentage of stay-at-home parents.



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