Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Dale Steenbergen says it's time to do something about the old, empty buildings in downtown Cheyenne and similar issues.

Steenbergen says the choice is either innovation or demolition.

"We need to think up new and imaginative ways to do this, or we need to run bulldozers," Steenbergen adds. "That's really the choice. We need to be clear about that."

Steenbergen says the situation gets worse from year to year as the old buildings continue to decay. He says it's time for the city to act.

He does say that he favors the restoration of historic buildings where that is possible.

Steenbergen also says that with 2016 being an election year, voters need to think carefully before casting their ballots and elect local leaders who can fix the potholes on city streets and deal effectively with the problems being faced by Cheyenne.

Steenbergen says it's time for politicians to start taking responsibility for what happens in the city, adding there is a lesson to be learned from how private business operates.

He says it's important to remind officeholders that "The buck stops with you."

Steenbergen didn't endorse any particular candidates, but said the city "needs people who can get things done."

He also said Cheyenne could look to Casper and Laramie as examples of what can be done with effective planning and decisive leadership.