The cold is settling in. The snow is falling and sticking around, at the higher elevations especially. And hats and gloves are becoming a daily part of life in Wyoming.

Yes, winter is here, and along with scooping walks and bundling-up; it's time for winter fun! Snow on the ground means fun on the slopes. It's time to ski Wyoming and I want to to get into skiing. It seems like so much fun.

I just moved to Cheyenne from back east. Well, eastern South Dakota, almost Minnesota. Before I came to Cheyenne, I honestly didn't think that I'd be able to find a place to get into skiing close to the city. I had it in my head that I'd have to endure a traffic-plagued trek into the heart of Colorado, take a week off from work, and lay down some serious money before I could lay down some first tracks in a gnar fashion. OK, who am I kidding? I'm still working on getting out of the snowplow stage. But I'm on my way.

That's why I was so hyped when a friend told me that I can get on the slopes just about 90 minutes west of Cheyenne at Snowy Range Ski Area near Centennial, Wyoming. They're opening for the season on Friday, November 30. I can't wait!

That's just a day trip! No having to use up PTO and a whole weekend or having to tackle I-25. Right there in Medicine Bow National Forest, there's a 30” base and all runs on the front side of Medicine Bow Peak will be open Friday. Plus, I like how affordable the fun is. After I get some warm-up hours in, I'll be ready to tackle the Calamity Jane trail. Or maybe even the Laramie!

I just spend a decade living in on the other side of South Dakota. Now that I'm back in the shadow of the Rockies I can't wait to get on the slopes. Being so close to great skiing like Snowy Range is one of the many reasons I'm glad I ended up in Cheyenne!

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