Is your life a little too serious today? If so, may I present to you something to lighten things up a bit. There’s a new Wyoming webcam video of a three snowmen who mysteriously disappear after the appearance of a black bear.

The guy that shared this video on YouTube says this video was just captured near his home in Alta, Wyoming. He says the time stamp on his camera is wrong, so you can ignore that part.

It’s a super-short video of 3 snowmen in the back left of the video. Or, at least their USED to be 3 snowmen in the back left of the video. As you can see, there isn’t much left of them which is probably explained by the sudden appearance of a huge black bear that walks in front of the camera.

The guy said in his video description that he saw the bear “checking out the snowmen” earlier in the night. Mystery solved. The equation would look like this. Bear > Snowmen.

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