In the 1940s, a candy salesman stopped in for a drink at the Shoshone Bar in Lovell, Wyoming. He hasn't been seen since, but he has been heard.

Legend has it, if you leave cash on the bar, the "Candy Man" might take it. Over the years, employees and patrons have reported strange noises coming from the Basement, appliances turning on and off and some have even accused the spirit of trying to steal their money.

Many locals believe the ghost is Ted Louie, a traveling cigarette and candy salesman who was last seen at the bar. His mysterious disappearance set off a nationwide manhunt. Witnesses told FBI agents that Louie wasn't feeling well and asked the bartender to drop him off at a local hotel. Some have speculated that Louie was killed and his body was buried in the basement.

In 2017 The Candy Man legend was the subject of an investigation by the Wyoming Area Spirit Posse, a group that travels around the state examining claims of paranormal activity. The local ghost hunters have also conducted inquests at the Irma Hotel in Cody, The Historic Hotel in Greybull, the Heart Mountain Relocation Camp and several haunted cemeteries. Here's what they discovered.

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