By the end of Tuesday, the City of Sheridan will no longer add fluoride to its drinking water following a city council vote Monday night.

The decision comes on the heels of a survey sent out to area residents and businesses in which 55 percent of respondents said they would like to see fluoride removed from their water. Of the roughly 12,000 surveys sent, about 4,000 surveys were returned, which is similar to turnout for a special election in Sheridan.

Sheridan Utilities Director Dan Roberts said the city still has three or four weeks worth of fluoride stored. It will cost the city $1,700 to remove the chemical vs. running through the supply.

Storage tanks used to fluoridate water will be repurposed.

After the resolution received a motion and second, meeting attendees briefly applauded the measure.

The council voted unanimously — 6-0 — to pass the resolution, which includes a provision that city public works employees stop adding fluoride to drinking water. 

Council Member Clint Beaver said the 34 percent response rate was "right in the common range" for turnout had it been a special election. 

During a public comment period before the council went into an executive session on an unrelated matter, attendees expressed mixed responses to the vote.

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