It's Homer Simpson's literal dream come true.

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The Gillette News Record reports that on Thursday, a semi truck carrying Bud Light products, including cans and kegs, rolled over near Highway 59 outside of Wright, Wyoming.

Deputies received a report of a semi rollover, and when they arrived, they saw a white 2009 Freightliner with Washington plates had rolled into the ditch on the east side of Highway 59," The News Record stated.

According to the publication, the trailer of the semi was carrying "copious amounts of alcohol" and, when trying to slow down before going down a hill, his truck began to slide.

The News Record reported that Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds stated that the vehicle was traveling at about 50 mph when it went off the road. The trailer swung towards the cab, spinning the vehicle and causing it to jackknife.

Once the semi had come to a stop after the rollover, various kegs and cans of Bud Light were spilled into the ditch.

One passerby, the News Record noted, pulled over. But instead of offering to help or to call for assistance, the driver of the vehicle stole a few of the kegs and then drove off.

Luckily, it was reported that no injuries had taken place.

The driver who stole the alcohol is unknown, but we wouldn't be surprised if he had blue pants, a white t-shirt, and a disproportionate yellow head.


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