There is nothing like an ice-cold beer to make a summer evening complete. Here in Downtown Laramie, we like to spend our evenings strolling along Grand or Ivinson to partake in local libations while enjoying Laramie's pleasant summer evenings during the city's Open Container season.

Today, Downtown Laramie announced that Open Container is back for the summer! Yes, you can now take a leisurely walk downtown while sipping on locally made beers, ciders, and more.

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A Few Things to Know About Open Container:

1. You can't drink in your car. Not even if it is parked. Just don't do it.

2. Don't go drinking in alleyways.

3. Pick up your trash. We want to keep our lovely, award-winning Main Street clean for all to enjoy.

4. Consume your delicious beverages responsibly. Set up a designated driver or call for a SafeRide to get you home safely.

5. Keep in mind not all shop owners let Open Container partakers bring their beverages into their stores. Check for signage and make sure to follow all posted rules before entering a shop.

Open Container Locations & Hours

Open Container hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily until October 29th.

You'll want to stick within the borders of the Open Container space when enjoying your local libations. The border encompasses part of 1st St. through 5th St., with locations from E. Custer St. to E. University Ave.

Participating Locations

So far, it looks like over a dozen businesses are participating in Open Container this year.

  • 3rd Street Bar & Grill
  • Alibi Wood Fire Pizzaria
  • Altitude Chophouse & Brewery
  • Bond's Brewing
  • Buckhorn Bar & Parlor
  • Chalk and Cheese
  • Coal Creek Tap
  • Cowboy Saloon & Dance Hall
  • Crowbar & Grill
  • The Library Sports Grille & Brewery
  • The Great Untamed
  • The Still Package Liquor
  • Roxie's On Grand
  • Sweet Melissa's

For more information on Open Container, click here.

Laramie's Local Breweries

Check out the local libations created right here in Laramie, Wyoming.

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