The Salvation Army says a dedicated volunteer would allow the organization to operate a service extension unit in Laramie and return essential services to the community.

The Laramie Service Center shut down Friday after operating in deficit for years, according to Public Relations Director Tahreem Pasha-Glenn. She says the organization transitioned from the center -- an employee-run facility -- to a unit, which relies on volunteer efforts, in order to serve the community with minimal overhead.

"Our aim is to open more permanent locations and be part of the comunity to help people in need," says Lt Col. Daniel Starrett, commander of the intermountain division.

"We share in the community's frustrations," says Starrett. "We have been a part of Laramie for generations and will continue to maintain a presence."

According to a release from Pasha-Glenn, 25 of the 90 extension units in The Salvation Army's intermountain division are located in Wyoming.

"These units work with committees of local citizens to identify and meet community needs, and to network with statewide and interstate Salvation Army programs," the release reads. "We are hopeful that we can identify a dedicated volunteer in the next few weeks who can help us continue to provide food and utility assistance to Laramie citizens in need."

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Major Premek Kramerius at 253-241-2561.

Pasha-Glenn says the future of The Salvation Army's building at 100 S. 2nd St. remains uncertain. An internal finance committee is set to review several recommendations at a meeting next week and a final decision will be announced in the coming weeks.

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