It’s camping season in Wyoming, and the U.S. Forest Service has some tips on how to keep you and the forest safe on your next camping adventure. Aaron Voos, a public affairs specialist with the U.S. Forest Service, says there are several things people can do to make sure they are safe while camping this summer.

The first thing Voos recommends is to practice basic fire safety. In addition to usual things like putting out a fire before leaving and never leaving a fire unattended, Voos says something to keep in mind is the placement of the fire. He advises that people not set fires close to dry, dead trees. He says if a tree has a lot of red pine needles, it is not a good idea to set a fire near it. He also says people should be aware of the wind and not set a fire where it may blow into trees.

In addition to fire dangers, Voos says water can be just as big of a problem for campers, especially with the recent rain. He warns people not to set up camp in areas where water may run during a storm. High ground is the best option to keep yourself and your camp dry and safe. Also, he reminds people not to set up camp in an area that requires the crossing of streams or other water hazards that may flood or overfill during the time you are there. This could cause people to be trapped on the wrong side of running water.

Lastly, Voos says that it is important to place your camp in an area where you are safe from falling trees. While a tree falling on you is unlikely, a recent incident in Yellowstone National Park, which resulted in the death of a hiker, shows how important it is to stay away from hazard trees, especially in windy conditions.

For more information on where to camp in your area, visit or call your local Ranger District.

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