Some people know him as Grandpa Rich.

He lives in Thermopolis, Wyoming.

Retired Army Vietnam veteran and retired trucker.

These days he volunteers to keep an eye on the buffalo herd above the hot springs in Thermopolis Wyoming.

Recently he has begun posting his morning drives, a favorite part of his day, on YouTube.

His channel is filled with videos of bison, steaming hot springs, birds, and squirrels.

Grandpa Rich rarely puts himself on camera. But you can hear him talking as he shoots the video.

Yes, he's getting old, but he has not lost that joy and fascination for the world that is around him.

Watch as he talks about a glorious Wyoming sunrise.

He'll drive up there almost every day to check on the herd.

Then he heads down to see what the hot springs are doing.

What's happening down there depends on the time of year.

He loves watching the steam rise when it's cold out.

The coldest of winter mornings bring out wildlife looking for warmth.

The hot springs provide it.

Breakfast with the bison.

Folks are told not to get too close.

Grandpa Rich knows this well and he keeps his distance.

He knows just how to drive by them and does not get out of his vehicle some dumb tourist.

On this YouTube page, you'll enjoy many scenes like this.

He knows the herd well and even has names for some of these big animals.

Find Grandpa Rich's YouTube page at this link.

He doesn't have many subscribers yet, but I'm sure that will change.

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