Last week's season finale of "Game of Thrones" drew huge ratings, except here in Wyoming. According to a new report, we have the fewest viewers of any state in the country.

The report, which cited audience estimates from Nielsen, claims that 0.55% of Wyoming residents have ever watched an episode of the hit HBO show. Based on that percentage, there would be just over 3,200 "Game of Thrones" fans in the Cowboy State.

In Hawaii, just over 1% of the population watch the show, the second-lower viewership behind Wyoming. Iowa, Idaho and West Virginia round out the bottom five.

By way of comparison, 7.48% of people in the District of Columbia have seen the series, the highest percentage in the nationThe northeast has more "Game of Thrones" fans than any other region. Over 5% of people in Rhode Island, New Jersey, Massachussetts and Maryland tune in for the show.



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