The fall time change in most of the United States, including Wyoming, will take place at 2 a.m, on Sunday, November 7.

That means you should set your clock back by 1 hour before going to be on Saturday night. As the old adage says, ''spring ahead, fall behind." That refers to seeing the clock ahead by an hour with the springtime change to daylight savings time, then back by an hour in the fall.

Arizona and Hawaii do not observe the time changes with the rest of the country.

In recent years the idea of changing the time twice a year has become more controversial in many parts of the country. In Wyoming, a bill to keep Wyoming on Standard time all year failed in the Legislature.

That followed the passage of a bill in 2020 to keep Wyoming on Daylight savings time all year if three surrounding states take the same action.

The debate in the legislature in recent years has centered around statistics that show national increases in accidents and heart attacks around the time changes, especially in the spring. But opponents of the state acting on its own say they are concerned about Wyoming businesses being out of sync with those in surrounding states.

In national debates on the issue, supporters of the time change have argued that it is an ingrained tradition that most people like. They also argue that the time change conserves energy and "helps farmers."

Opponents argue that the energy savings in the modern world are negligible or non-existent, and say that the argument about helping farmers is false because farmers and ranchers work on the basis of daylight and weather conditions, not by punching a clock.

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