So... maybe the Jackalope will mate with just about anything.

That is what made the jackalope in the first place. Two species that should not have been together, a jack rabbit and an antelope, making babies.

So what the heck is this then?

Found, stuffed, and mounted in Douglas Wyoming:

The elusive Douglas Chickalope?

Honestly. I'm not sure what I'm looking at here.

Did a jackalope have a romantic evening with a chicken?

When all else fails, ask the internet. So I "Googled" it.

attachment-Chickalope 2

Chickalope - Character - World of Warcraft.

Okay, but the character from that video game looks nothing like this. It looks like a woman, "A CHICK."

A little farther down I found a t-shirt with a picture of a chicken with horns.

It's fun to look at, but no scientific proof that this thing is real.

Here is that t-shirt, for sale on ESTY.

attachment-chickalope tshirt

There is a Chiickalope podcast on YouTube. I tried listing to it- TOTALLY SUCKS! Nobody listens.


Wall Drug has a chickalope poster for sale.

Well, if Wall Drug thinks they are real then they must be.

I found this poster on the Wall Drug website.

attachment-Wall Drug chickalope poster

Maybe it's just me but that looks like photoshop. What do you think?

Unlike the jackalope, this chickalope creature has not been around long enough to capture the public's attention.

A few people know about it. But the internet does not have much information about it.

Still, we have the actually taxidermied bodies in Douglas Wyoming, so it must be a real thing, right?

I'm beginning to wonder if Douglas sits atop some radioactive reality vortex hole or something like that. They keep producing weird creatures.

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