If you happen to be in Wyoming and have a really fancy camera, that's when magic can happen. This video definitely qualifies. It's more proof that the Clarks Fork Canyon part of Wyoming may be the most underrated in our state.

A YouTube channel recently dropped this video that they captured on the Chief Josephy Byway in Clarks Fork Canyon. This place is absolutely gorgeous.

The photographer's name is Dave and he shared this about his video:

Join us on the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway in NW Wyoming, between Beartooth Pass, MT and Cody, WY. The first scenes were captured at the Dead Indian Summit, 8,060 feet above sea-level. Wyoming State Highway 296 Bridge crosses the canyon at Sunlight Creek.

Dave added that he used a Canon HFS-100 camcorder. Yes, I said camcorder. Remember those things? That was new back in the day when people still printed out photos on Kodak paper. Ah, memories...

I feel like I repeatedly say this, but I'll say it again. If you haven't driven the Chief Joseph Byway, you're missing out. There's a very good reason why this and the Beartooth Highway regularly make "best of" lists for most scenic drives. Travel Wyoming shares some basics to get you started:

The Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, Wyoming 296, links the town of Cody with the Beartooth Highway and the Northeast Gate of Yellowstone National Park. The route crosses the Shoshone National Forest through the Absaroka Mountains to the Clarks Fork Valley. The 47 paved miles of the Scenic Byway run from the junction with U.S. 120, 17 miles north of Cody, northwest to their connection with U.S. 212, the Beartooth Highway.

It truly is a trip you will never regret. Last time my family went to Yellowstone, we didn't travel that far north and now I severely regret it. Don't make the same mistake as me if you get the chance.

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