As 2022 is now well in progress, Wyoming residents face a number of issues, as does the rest of the country.

In a state where people travel long distances, high gas prices are a concern. Inflation seems to be eating up more and more of our paychecks, and a lot of people don't feel like their income is keeping pace.

There are those who feel that Critical Race Theory and a general trend toward what they see as "indoctrination" in schools is a concern. Some folks claim parents have been awakened to what is really going on in classrooms over the last couple of years, and that some of it isn't good. Are they right?

A recent upturn in the economy and an influx of federal ARPA money don't change the fact that Wyoming's economy remains heavily dependent on just a few sectors. Economic diversification is something that seems to generate a lot of discussions when the economy isn't doing well, but then gets forgotten about when times are good.

Other people think Wyoming needs to get with the national trend toward legalizing marijuana, arguing that Wyoming residents are spending their money on pot in Colorado and other states anyway.

Then there is still COVID-19.

The virus itself, of course,  and what some feel is an ongoing threat of federal overreach in dealing with the virus going forward, with what they say are unneeded and ineffective mandates.

Or maybe you think the biggest issue facing state residents is something else entirely?

So what do you think? Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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