One of Laramie’s representatives to the state legislature has announced his endorsement of a presidential candidate.

Charles Pelkey, D-Laramie, endorses Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.

"I'm happy to see that he ran," says Pelkey.  "I think we have to address a lot of systemic problems in this country, and not just those problems that are getting headlines, but the real deep-rooted problems of income inequality and treating corporations as if they had the same individual rights as we did as Americans."

"One of the things I'm disappointed with in my party is that whole superdelegate structure," says Pelkey.  "Hillary Clinton leads that with a substantial margin, and I just thought it important for an elected democrat to put his voice out there as well."

Pelkey says he has been inspired by Sanders’ campaign and has followed it closely.

"I'll tell you how close it is; my son is a field organizer for the Sanders campaign in Iowa right now," says Pelkey.  "He's twenty-one years old and he's got the chance to work as a paid field organizer in a presidential campaign... kind of wish I had been that cool when I was twenty-one."



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