Over the last two weeks, multiple Wyoming galleries have had numerous pieces of art work stolen that exceeds over $115,000 in value.

One of the more expensive pieces that was taken from Trailside Galleries in Jackson, was an untitled Henry Farny worth $100,000.

The Turpin Gallery, which is also located in Jackson, reported an eagle's head sculpture missing valued at $6500.00. According to a story from the Jackson Hole News & Guide, employees from the gallery didn't immediately notice the oil painting missing, because it was replaced with a different piece of the galleries' art.

The third and most recent Jackson-area establishment to report missing art was the Mountain Trails Gallery. A Native American-style Lakota horse mask valued at $9,750 was taken on August 2nd, 2017.

At this point, police have stated it's unknown if it was a single or multiple suspects or if all three gallery thefts are connected.


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