Former President Donald Trump is slated to appear in Casper on Saturday for a rally in support of Wyoming congressional candidate Harriet Hageman.

Hageman, of course, is running against Trump arch-nemesis Liz Cheney. At least one other candidate in the race, state Sen. Anthony Bouchard is generally a Trump supporter but says the ex-president made a mistake in endorsing Hageman. Bouchard claims Cheney and Hageman are really "BFFs."

Cheney meanwhile has not backed down at all from Trump, continuing her criticism of the former president, whom she accuses of provoking the Jan. 6, 2021, Washington D.C. riots.

So far this political season, Trump-endorsed candidates in close races have won some and lost some. Trump endorsed J.D. Vance in the Ohio GOP Senate primary and Vance came from behind to win. Trump's favored candidate in the Pennsylvania GOP Senate Primary, Mehmet Oz, at last report had a razor-thin lead over his main rival, David McCormick, but that margin is so small that most media outlets are calling the race ''too close to call" as ballots are still being counted. Some other Trump-endorsed candidates have won, although some of those races were never really in doubt to begin with

Trump-endorsed candidates for governor of Idaho and in a closely watched North Carolina house race went down to defeat, with the Idaho gubernatorial candidate losing badly. Wyoming voters will go to the polls on August 16th to decide the congressional primary along with a lot of other primary contests at the state and local levels.

So what about you? Does a Trump endorsement decide how you will vote...influence your vote somewhat... or is it a non-factor? To be clear, in this poll we aren't asking about who you will vote for in the congressional race, but only whether the former president's endorsement is a factor in how you vote.

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